Thursday, September 20, 2012

A new type of  TOOTH FAIRY

My oldest chica that struggles has had many issues over the time we have gotten her...her newest thing is trying to pull her teeth out...yes, you read that right...I couldn't make it up even if I tried...but before I tell you this amazing story, I would like you to know that yes, my girls are both being seen by mental health professionals, yes many.  So now worries on if I am getting them the help they need, I am. 

The tooth fairy, (visual picture)  beautiful, graceful, glittery little fairy who swoops in gently to deposit said items(money or gift and letter) without disturbing the sleeping child.  

We get excited around here for her to some...almost as much at Santa Clause. 

Two months ago....

So I was hoping once my oldest chica was ready for a her tooth to fall out...we would or could have a moment of normalcy and have a real special memory.  But this would not be so(yes, I am so very sad about her missing yet once again a normal childhood memory to the evilness of this crazy stuff).

She had recently had surgery to save her tooth(because she had created an huge growth from trying to pull her teeth ou,and the growth was pushing her teeth out and we were hoping to save it for a little while longer).  We thought it was a little loose still but I was watching her like a hawk so she would not mess with it.

One afternoon I went to take a quick shower to come back to her mouth with one less tooth.  I asked her if she was ok and were her tooth was.  She gave me the face...the blank stair(insert cricket sounds).   I ask three more times...the other kids are starting to come the tooth fairy gets to come...that is awesome...but still now answer. 
Many stories were told...that I had told her to pull her tooth out, that she swallowed it, that I had told her to throw it in the trash..on and on and on. 

Finally 2 hours later DAD was home and AAHHHHHHHH( high note angelic singing) she could speak again and told him she through down a register in the floor.  Wait for it....because I told her to...yep!

Just breaks my heart that she can't have one normal childhood interaction or memory...I often wonder what story/version she will remember of that new type of tooth fairy when she looks back...

I may write about today's crazy later...still trying to heal from todays was a day...but the verse that helped me today was from:

1 Samuel 12:16 
Now then, stand still and see this great thing the LORD is about to do before your eyes!

Only with HIS strength and a big fountain pop did I get through this day...HE IS SO GOOD.

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