Monday, September 10, 2012

GOD has lead me to and through many journeys: fertility issues, two losses, more fertility issues and now...Adopting two children through foster care that suffer daily(sometimes minute by minute). Some of the diagnosis to date include: PTSD, RAD,ODD, OCD, fetal alcholol syndrome, depression, self harming to name a few(yes that was blogging sarcasm-hhhaaaaa)

  I started "this" blog(I have another one called Bring it to HIM-about grief and loss) but this one is all about the crazy life of mental health issues with my girls. As a way for me to chart and express our journey with two steps forward three steps back life. I will share our "life" that for most will think is clinically insane...but for others of you will say...THAT IS SO OUR life...well friends THIS blog is for you don't feel alone and isolated from the world outside of this life of struggles. I will also share how I get through everyday...with the mercy, love and grace of my LORD and savior...with HIM ALL things are possible. And that with HIM you will find Glory even HERE(see get it????)

So here begins a day in the life of ME: SO it husband leaves and click goes the lock on our door...and it is "ON" Once I hear him lock the youngest chica begins to scream, not just scream, but know, the kind that happens when a child slams their hand in a car door or falls down steps. So I go into her room...nope she is ok...she stops and looks dead in my eyes and says in her evil voice "I am going to scream for you all day eby(every) day and poop and pee for YOU". My brain wants to say...big surprise, really like you have for the last 8 mns...but grace flows over me and I is toooo will miss out on playing and will have to clean yourself up...bummer!!! Then begins the screaming again..but before I leave the room...oh what is that smell yep...she made good on her promise to poop in her pants...oh, my and I have only been up 10 minutes. So she gets herself cleaned up and dressed 45 minutes later. Now breakfast..but she refuses to eat and after 25 minutes breakfast is over...NOW she screams because she wants to eat breakfast NOW...

Oh GOD restore my soul and strength to get through big how about THIS HOUR...oh and he hears my cry and provides. HE IS SO GOOD!!! Stay tuned...I have many more stories...that was just a morning in the life of one child with special needs...and I have TWO...hhhaaaa... If this is your life people...stay strong... pray hard and love your kiddos even when they don't, won't and can't love you YET!!!

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