Wednesday, January 9, 2013

I have tried many times to write an update on my girls...but as soon as I write a all changes again.  I have come to expect the unexpected, when I do seems a little more in control(aka knowing it will be out of control) I know that makes no sense to the majority of you. But some of you get it!  

Well, things are still a little manic with my youngest. She has become very aggressive towards me, though I will not go into great detail, I can say she has a great right hook on her. Now if we could just channel that for good and not evil. 

I have though a lot about food dyes and if that would change behavior.  I have investigated it and met with other moms who have made the switch to no dyes in there food...I am trying to make the switch but WOW...dyes are in everything.  I will keep you posted, though I have not gone 100%,  I think most of their issues are mental health/developmental and neurological...all developed before birth.  So little I can do food wise to correct, but every little bit helps with them...So I am hopeful that I may see some little changes.

I have tried to enter into this new year to have no New Years resolutions...but LIFE CHANGES...
To be better...a better mom, wife, friend, community person and CHILD TO GOD.  But I can tell you 9 days into the new year...not doing so grateful for a loving Father who forgives and loves no matter how much I disappoint and fail. 

For those of you that struggle with kiddos like mine(or all mommy's), we need to take care of ourselves. I know easier said then done...I have tried small things to distress my day and reset my self(sometimes it is multiple times a day).  Like a little scripture(refreshment for the soul), sat and watched the last 20 mins of You've Got Mail while folding the break I needed.  I do these things as my girl is in time out.  Mommies need quite time too, why not pair it when our kiddos have time out great :o)))) It is the little things, I have been reading a book about finding small gifts in everything that are from HIM...even the small does restore the soul. 

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